[Online Survey] What Do Chinese Know About Traveling in Malaysia?

According to my friends and families in China, I found there are only a few people know the latest news about Malaysia tourism. Although most of them are interested in travel to Malaysia, they don’t have fast and convince media platforms to get the information.

I conducted an online survey Investigation of Chinese Tourists in Malaysia started from December 14 and got 44 respondents until December 15. I hope this survey can present how much do Chinese tourists know about traveling in Malaysia.

The survey questions include general questions (age and occupation), basic questions about tourism (times of traveling abroad, nationality) and questions about this blog (visa, payment, convenience measures, safety, quality of Chinese tourists and audiences’ preference). It shows the current situation about Chinese tourists and gives me a direction of improvement in the later blog posting.

The results of 10 survey questions are showing as below:

First I want to show an extreme data: none of the respondents know very clear about the convenience measures for Chinese tourists. We will discuss this situation in the later blog post.

屏幕快照 2017-12-16 下午1.08.45.png

Second, dividing the respondents by the times of travel abroad, 71% respondents have traveled abroad 1-5 times, and 32% of them know that Chinese tourists can apply E-visa of Malaysia online, only 36% of them know a little about the convenience measures for Chinese tourists. 22% of total respondents have traveled more than 5 times, and half of them know about the convenience measures and E-visa.

For the payment preference, UnionPay (64%) and E-payment (60%) are very similar with only 4% difference. For the safety of Chinese tourists, 11% of respondents have encountered danger in traveling abroad, surprisingly, all of them are students between 18-25 years old.

From above data, we can clearly see that Malaysia’s tourism promotion is not enough. Tourists don’t get the latest information about convenience measures that really helpful to them, and there is a wide gap between the ideal state and the actual situation.

屏幕快照 2017-12-16 下午1.12.59.png

And for audience preference, 93% of them are interested in travel recommendations, 48% of them want to see the latest news about Chinese tourists in Malaysia, and 34% of them want to see some views. Therefore, the preference of the respondents is clearly showed that they pay more attention to the topic which is closely connected with their travel and their life. On the basis of the survey results, after this survey, I will adjust the content of my blog from the next post. The focus fo my blog will move to the travel recommendation and be easier and funnier to read. Hope this blog can really help you!


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