Thoughts on Social Media Trend about Chinese Tourists in Malaysia

Chinese Tourists is always a huge group of worldwide tourism and there are lots of posts blogs, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter about this dynamic group of people.

After a search on the, I found, shockingly, there is no hashtag on #Chinese Tourists in Malaysia#, but only got posts about #Chinese Tourists#.

屏幕快照 2018-01-01 下午11.46.10.png

屏幕快照 2018-01-01 下午11.43.18.png

It really shocked me and I have to figure out why this happens. Here’s my guess:

Local Tourist Administration pays a few attention to this group, so there is no travel recommendation or advertisement use this hashtag.

Tourism in China don’t use Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest, so the results will be more dependable if we do this research on Chinese social media like Weibo, WeChat and so on. It is clear to know in my previous blogs that more and more Chinese tourists prefer to travel to Malaysia in recent year, and it is definitely a notable group for Malaysia’s tourism.



So I also do research on Weibo, there are billions of posts on Chinese social media, but most of them are travel recommendation or their feeling of travel in Malaysia. Only a few of them mentioned the latest news about Malaysia’s convenience measures.

My thought on this situation is that this blog about Chinese Tourists in Malaysia should be recommended to more Chinese people (maybe should create another Chinese version) and let people know the latest news about the convenience measures or regulations for Chinese tourists in Malaysia. I believe that the news comes from the front line will be more convincing and be faster.

Keywords: #Chinese Tourists in Malaysia#, #Social media trend about Chinese tourists#, #Chinses Tourists#



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